Why you NEED a wedding table plan

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April 23, 2021
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September 17, 2021

Why you NEED a wedding table plan

Ah. The wedding seating plan. I’ve seen lots of chatter recently about making the table plan redundant; we’re grown adults right, so surely we can choose where to sit?

Ok. So from experience, I can give you a few very good reasons why a table plan is a necessity, especially for larger weddings (which I’m telling you, will return!)

Numero Uno: I’m telling you now that if you don’t tell your guests where to sit, they will wander around. They will stop for a chat, they will decide they don’t want to sit in one place and move to another. They will see someone they’ve not seen for ages and stop for another chat. They will no doubt move again. All this faff delays getting food to the tables which then delays the rest of the day. It doesn’t matter where you are getting married, your venue will have a schedule which they need to follow and it’s only fair that we try and stick to timings (even if these timings can be a little rough around the edges.)

Spring Flower Table Plan, The Mowbray, Sheffield
Carl and Rebecca, The Mowbray, Photography by Ellie Grace

Second Reason: You may have guests who would just find it more comfortable to be seated strategically. Family dynamics can be tricky so just laying it all out makes it way less complicated.

This is Key: Having a table plan makes it FAR simpler for the venue. Prior to the day you will have let them know of any dietary requirements and whether there are any vegans/vegetarians/pescatarians in the house.

Knowing where they will be sitting is essential. One of the things I found most impressive about our Brighton wedding venue is the speed and ease in which the food was brought to us. They knew exactly who was eating what and where to find them.

This is not Macdonalds. You don’t want random ‘calling out’ of names as guests wander to the front of the room to collect their meal. Nope.

Sam and Andy, The Chimney House, Photography by Photography34

I love sauntering up to the table plan at a wedding and looking at where I’m going to be seated. I don’t find it bossy or odd. It’s sensible and it keeps the day flowing as it should. No fuss, just good clean organisation!

The table plan shall remain a firm favourite which is very handy as we create rather gorgeous ones. Each of our bespoke table plans are made to coordinate with all your stationery pieces and will tie everything together beautifully. A1 size and printed on solid foam core, they can be displayed on an easel or leant casually against something solid! Simply send us the details and we’ll do the rest.

You can find lots of inspo for your own wedding table plan right here and once you’ve taken a look (which we know you will) drop us an email at [email protected]

Speak soon!

Hannah and Toby