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September 10, 2020
What it’s REALLY like to have a small wedding.
October 12, 2020


The Mini B&C Wedding Bundle.

Eek. It’s here…
The Mini B&C Bundle

For all those who are changing their wedding plans, forging ahead and trying to make things work. To those who are reimagining their day; a little different but no less perfect, we salute you.
Going small does not mean throwing away the details. It doesn’t mean that your day is less worthy or less meaningful and that amazing sense of excitement should never be taken away from you.

Our brand spanking new Mini B&C Wedding Stationery Bundle has been designed for those smaller, JUST as beautiful, just as wonderful weddings, and my goodness don’t you deserve it.

Each hand packaged little bundle includes;

~A mini keepsake box, because lets be honest who doesn’t like somewhere to keep their wedding memoribillia?

~Ten very lovely semi customisable wedding invitations to show your guests that absolutely nothing is going to stop you now.

~Your own fancy personal monogram.

~A choice of colours; the softest grey or boldest black.

~Ten coordinating envelopes. Why the heck should you be sending out an E invite for one of the most meaningful events of your life?

~And…we shall post them out to you free of charge (unless you live in Australia of course.)


I want one!

If you’re having a dinky, yet delectable wedding then we would LOVE to hear from you. Simply send us a message here and we’ll talk to you about customising the design with your names and venue details. Simple.

Now let’s get this party started.

All our Love
Hannah and Toby xx