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January 7, 2021
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Sheffield Wedding Stationery Award Winners.

Well, this was a rather amazing surprise. After a year of uncertainty and the wedding industry being thrown into disarray, you can only imagine the smile on our faces when we discovered we had won a regional award for our wedding stationery business.

This year, the lovely folk over at the Wedding Emporium decided they were going to do things a little differently. They are more than aware of the devastating effect that the pandemic has had on the industry and were eager to spread a little light by organising rewards based on a points-based system. They wanted these awards to offer a much-needed boost to this amazing industry and to recognise some of the best suppliers in the country.

And yes! The regional award for wedding stationery design was given to us here at Bonny and Clyde Wedding Boutique. Whoop!

To say we are happy is an understatement. Despite wearing brave faces for the last twelve months, we’d be lying if we said it had all been hunky-dory round here. We have spent a large proportion of our time diversifying, changing things up, and working out just how we will manage with very little income from our business. An award like this is akin to a pat on the back; an acknowledgment of the hard work that we and all the other incredible winners have undertaken to manoeuvre our way through this.

This industry is full of people who seek to champion one another and lift each other up when they’re at rock bottom. The Wedding Emporium is a perfect example of how you can bring one another together even when it feels like all is lost.

It isn’t.

We’re here to stay and we will continue creating beatful things for really wonderful people. That we can be sure of.

Thank you so much to all those who continue to support what we do. You can never know just how much you lift us up.

Photo Credit Lisa Devlin

This weekend there will be fizz to toast our little award and we’ll be raising a glass to all our friends who work in this wonderful world that we call weddings.

Much Love

Hannah and Toby