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How To Tell Your Guests The Little Ones Aren’t Invited.

Don’t get me wrong. We love children. I was a teacher for fourteen years and our friend’s children were always going to be invited to our wedding. However, the choice as to whether you invite children to your day is yours and yours alone; if it’s not what you had in mind, then so be it! For many parents, the idea of having a day (and a night off) is likely to be met with a huge hooray, but how do you tell your friends that the little ones need to stay at home?

To start with, keep it light. It’s not likey to go down well if you start emblazoning your invites with the words ‘No Kids Allowed.’ We’d always advise that you include any information about children on a separate information card so it’s not plastered across the invitation. Discrete but clearly obvious.

So here are a few options for wording your invitations, keeping it nice, simple and straight to the point.

Option 1

‘We want you to fully relax and enjoy the day so our wedding will be an adult only affair.’

Option 2

‘You deserve a day off! Our wedding is a child-free day so you can really let your hair down.’

Option 3

‘Unfortunately due to limited numbers we are unable to accommodate children, but we really hope this doesn’t stop you from celebrating with us.’

Option 4

‘As much as we’d love to invite your little ones, limited numbers means this just isn’t possible. We do hope you understand and can still share and enjoy the day with us.’

Option 5

‘We can’t wait to celebrate our day with you. With the exception of our nieces and nephews, this will be an adult-only occasion to allow you to enjoy all the fun of the day.’

Whether you are choosing to celebrate your day with or without children, have a great one and if you need any help with wording your invitations then you know where we are!