How To Lay A Beautiful Wedding Table

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September 17, 2021

How to lay a beautiful wedding table

So let’s just talk about ‘layering’ – because obviously, that’s what we all talk about on an average Wednesday?

Anyone who knows me knows I can spend ages laying a lovely table. I will even lay the table for a takeaway if it means I can get the fancy cutlery out. The difference though between an ok table and a wow table is all in the layering and if you’re already thinking about your wedding table setup then it’s definitely worth considering how you will add all those beautiful details.

Layer 1

This is usually a piece of fabric, table runner or a full cloth that will run down the centre or the entire table. This adds depth to the table and covers a multitude of sins if your tables aren’t up to scratch. A neutral fabric will mean you can add colour and tone through your next pieces. If you’re setting a luxe table then make sure the fabric you use is ironed to perfection. If it’s a more relaxed boho vibe you’re aiming for, then you can be less of a perfectionist.

Image by Sarah Folega, Assistant Table Styling by Bonny and Clyde Wedding Boutique

Layer 2

A beautiful placemat can now be placed upon layer 1. Think outside the box with this one as it doesn’t need to be a traditional mat. We’ve been known to use slate in our house. Well when you’re having your roof replaced, why the hell not?! If you don’t have a mat, a linen square or a piece of your favourite fabric works just as well. Tie the colours of the fabric into your colour scheme or incorporate a pattern that might have been used in your stationery.

Layer 3

You might opt for a charger plate here ( I love the added details of a charger) or simply place your dinner plate on top. Make sure the plate is sitting firmly on the charger or the table so it’s not rattling around when you’re guests are eating!

Layer 4

The napkin. I could give you a million ways to fold a napkin but simply rolling the napkin and then tying with a place name and a sprig of foliage is super easy and effective. Avoid using any sort of flowers that might droop here (roses are not ideal) and opt for something sturdy like a herb (rosemary always smells beautiful) or eucalyptus. The name tag should ideally coordinate with all your on the day stationery so stick to the same fonts and overall style. Oh, and napkins in glasses are a no no in my opinion!

Layer 5

The all-important cutlery. I like to see this on the plate rather than on the side. It means there are less pieces to get tangled up in and more room for the water and wine glasses. Bronze and gold cutlery adds a really warm, cosy vibe whilst silver is fresh and elegant.

Image by Sarah Folega, Assistant Styling and Stationery by Bonny and Clyde Wedding Boutique

The Final Layers

Possibly the most important. Flowers, flowers, more flowers and candles. Try to separate the flowers into varying heights and amounts. Move from single stems in stem glasses to fuller bouquets and place down the centre of the table. You can use the vases as props to lean your menus against or place the menu on top of the napkin for an added layer. Once you’ve arranged the flowers pop your candles in between. Varying heights of candles from t lights to dinner candles work well but make sure you’re flowers aren’t close enough to catch alight!

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See you there!

Image by Lisa Devlin Photography