Why Pay The Professionals?

It’s a common question; if you can make your own wedding stationery then why would you pay a designer to create it for you? In fact it could be argued that you can plan a wedding without ever calling on the skills of anyone within the industry (and hats off to you.)

There are countless reasons why our clients choose to hand this important task over to us but please forgive me if this feels like an attempt to peddle our wares. In actual fact I hope that by sharing my thoughts it will enable people to recognise that there is a difference between paying a professional and undertaking this mammoth job themselves.

In a nutshell, you get what you pay for. Everyone knows this and yet we are somehow surprised when our £5.00 jumper proceeds to fall apart after the first wash. Some of our clients have had a valiant attempt at making their own stationery or buying off the peg. They may have had their eye on a few pieces here and there, liking the font on one design but hating the image on another. Meanwhile in the next store they confessed to pieces looking ‘too bright, too boring, or just too much.’ It didn’t live up to the picture in their head (or their Pinterest boards.)

Nailing every aspect of your stationery comes from spelling out your vision plainly and simply.  Being specific and combining elements of everything you adore allows you to get exactly what you want. Yes, it may be a little more expensive but there is a reason for that.

You are entrusting a designer to pull together those endless images in your head and ultimately create something as near to perfect as you can get. Your ideas will be translated, drawn, designed, redesigned and tweaked some more until you are truly happy. This takes time, care and patience but it also takes a great deal of experience. Designers rely on being current and are forever seeking inspiration. They know what is happening out there in the giant world of weddings and are continually excited by this. They network and communicate which leads to wonderful collaborations and beautiful projects. All of these experiences serve to inspire us daily and allow us to meet our couples high expectations.

There are a million and one choices to make when planning a wedding and stationery can appear way down the list of priorities. We understand this and are always looking for ways to make our service affordable to those couples who share our vision. There are options out there which you may not have considered and passing the responsibility over to those in the know can relieve added pressure (scrambling to fix your home printer when it refuses to play ball is not fun.)


Declaring your upcoming nuptials is a highly personal experience and one which we always feel  honoured to be part of. You deserve the very best on your wedding day and don’t let anyone out there tell you otherwise.


  • Lauren

    27.09.2016 at 18:00 Reply

    To me there is nothing like having something truly bespoke created that represents you as a couple. I really don’t believe you can get this without going for a custom option.
    When I briefed my own wedding stationery I loved seeing how my ideas were translated into something far superior and intricate than I could have ever imagined. I received countless emails from guests who said they had never received such beautiful paperie. 🙂

    • Toby

      08.10.2016 at 08:31 Reply

      We totally agree. We’ve lots of new options coming soon to our site which will hopefully give our couples even more options x

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