The Little Photographic Studio

If you drop by Rock My Style, you can read all about how we are now transforming our Victorian home back to its former glory.

We are well aware that this is the biggest renovation project we are ever likely to encounter but as the months draw on we continue to have some rather large plans for our home and the future of our business.

We are fortunate enough to have a spacious garden, which we are very keen to utilise. Having discussed at length how this space can be used to maximum effect we are now in the process of having a summer house built (inspired by this lovely post from Rock My Style) which will be used by photographers as a studio space. As Bonny and Clyde continues to expand we are hoping to create an inviting and open studio, which could potentially be used by a whole host of suppliers in the industry. We have worked with a number of photographers who are often on the look out for interesting areas in which they can photograph styled shoots and designers who wish to rent affordable spaces. We have always been committed to working alongside some highly skilled northern creatives and eventually our aim is to build on the success of the Sheffield scene by bringing suppliers together for a whole host of projects. This is a long term goal and will involve major research and planning but we know that with a clear vision we can get this done!

We will be keeping the blog updated as regularly as we can with photographs of the build as it progresses and if you are interested in hiring out this space for your next venture then do drop us a line via our contact page.

Image by Light Locations.

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